Give the powers to Provincial Council, then conduct the elections: Tamil MP Govindhan


“It is our firm stand that the Provincial Council should be given all the powers conferred through the 13th Amendment Act and hold provincial elections,” said Govindhan Karunakaram, Tamil National Alliance’s Parliamentarian said.

“There is no question that provincial elections should be held. The Provincial Council system was introduced to find a solution to the ethnic problem in the North and East. The Provincial Councils were formed under the 13th Amendment Act established by the Indo- Sri Lankan Agreement,” MP Govindhan said.

He further said that the agreement had given land powers and police powers but was not implemented. Before 2015, during the period of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Divineguma Act taken away the local powers.

“We know that there is pressure from India and this Government are in the situation to conduct Provincial Council elections. But our concern is ‘the elections should be conducted by sharing the powers to Provincial Councils,'” MP Govindhan concluded.

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