Express pearl has destroyed marine resources off the Sri Lanka’s west coast

This week, the ExpressPearl, a ship that sank off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, is reported to be in a state of disarray due to the mixing of chemicals and fuel in the sea.

The Sri Lankan government has banned fishing in waters around 80 km from the dock. This has affected 50,000 fishermen.

Sri Lanka’s main sources of income, such as tourism, fisheries, and agriculture, have suffered the most.

As already 25 tons of nitric acid, plastic particles, epoxy resin, sodium hydroxide, and a large number of other chemicals have been mixed in the sea, now there is a danger that 350 gallons of fuel to be mixed in the sea.

Although international police warned countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh that the two ships were traveling in the Indian Ocean region with chemicals, they failed to provide information to the Sri Lankan government.

The maritime sector has been devastated by the disaster and it is reported that it will take a long time to recover from it. Despite reports in Colombo that the losses could be in the billions of dollars, the Sri Lankan government has sought the help of Britain to investigate.


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