Disappearance of Religious statues in Tamil area, is SL Govt. behind the scenes?

In the last few days alone, four Pillaiyar (God Ganesh) statues have disappeared in Jaffna District. A statue of Pillaiyar in the Gemunu Vihara area under the Tellippalai Divisional Secretariat has disappeared for the past few days.

Meanwhile, two Pillaiyar statues have gone missing at the Thellippalai Mahajana temple on Tuesday (21).

The statue of Pillaiyar has gone missing from a temple in the area under the control of the Sri Lankan Police.

No suspects have been arrested as they have lodged a complaint with the police regarding the incidents. The Sri Lankan government is stepping up its structural genocide in Tamil areas with the help of Sri Lankan forces, Buddhist monks and government officials.


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