China donates medical equipment to North and East hospitals


China has donated Rs.20 million worth of medical equipment to the North and East hospitals. This has happened after Chinese ambassador visited Jaffna last week.

Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong handed over a donation of eight lifesaving Kidney Dialysis Machines to hospitals in the Northern and Eastern Provinces upon a request by Sri Lankan Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

Rehan Jayawickreme, Vice Chairman of SJB Youth said this donation was not only an extension of the continued support to Sri Lanka by the Peoples Republic of China, but also a landmark moment in relations between Sajith Premadasa’s SJB and the Government of China. 

Jayawickrema said the donation was made directly to a SJB Opposition lead project initiated by its Leader. 

“The “Husma” project has already given out vital medical equipment worth over 120 million rupees.

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