Deploying a Drone Camera in Corona Prevention is a violation of Human Rights- P.Ponrasa

The use of drone cameras in the name of monitoring unwanted passers-by on the roads in Jaffna is a violation of individual rights. Therefore, the government should abandon this project, said west wali Pradeshiya Sabha member P. Ponrasa.

He added,

“Most houses in the Jaffna district do not have bathrooms. People still bathe in the open wells in their homes. The use of drone cameras in this situation can affect their self-esteem.

Thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed in the field to prevent corona. A motorcycle brigade called ‘Field Bike Group’ consisting of male and female soldiers and police patrols are taking place. Moreover, there is no need to use drone cameras here.

If surveillance cameras are installed in public gathering offices or institutions, it is common practice to advertise ‘This place is being monitored by camera’ for their privacy protection.‘

In this case, it is illegal to use the drone camera over the residential area without any prior notice and take photographs without any noise disturbance.

We, therefore, urge the government to take extra care in this matter and stop this practice.”

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