Chmpika accused SL government for enacting Pro-Eelam laws

United People’s Alliance parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka accused that at a time when our country is in an unfortunate state, the government is convening parliament to pass laws necessary for foreigners to form the Eelam state in the country.

He was speaking at an event in Porlai on Tuesday to commemorate the soldiers who died their lives for the victory of the war. He also said,

“In the time when this country should be locked down due to Covid-19, for the next three days, the government is going to work for the next three days to pass legislation to betray the country’s sovereignty, unity and create a foreign state.

By enacting a separate law and levying a separate tax, the government is paving the way for the creation of a Tamil Eelam state for foreigners.

We are against Tamil Eelam, just as we are against the emergence of an Eelam of foreigners. Our country may become a hub for war in the future. It could be caught by world powers and face massive destruction.”

Champika noted that Sri Lanka was interfering in the affairs of the world powers and that the government was working to deposit foreign money in Sri Lanka for foreign aviation operations, foreign naval affairs, and to build a port city in the country as a colony owned by foreigners.

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