Sri Lanka: Chinese labourer misinformation issue, Chinese Embassy reply

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Member of Parliament M.A Sumanthiran mistweet on the presence of Chinese labourer in road construction work at Jaffna, Northern Province, leads to an interesting Twitter conversation, in which Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka also replies.

“A Chinese National near my house in Kudathanai, 9 km from Point Pedro. Pic on Sun 27 June 2021. He is working as a labourer in the Point Pedro-Maruthankerni road construction work. Many youths in Jaffna are unemployed and struggling for survival. Why can’t locals be employed?” he asked in a tweet.

For this, ruling Sri Lankan Freedom Party Member of Parliament Angajan Ramanathan tweets,”Above accused person in this tweet is SRILANKAN Islamic brother MOHOMAD MUSTAFA MOHOMAD HANIFA from Akkaraipattu married in Kudathanai and settled in #Amban and working in I-Road project contractor NEM Construction Pvt Ltd.”

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka retweets Angajan’s tweet by simply saying, “Classic!”

Later, M.A Sumanthiran expressed his regrets by tweeting, “It has been brought to my notice that this person is not a Chinese National but a Sri Lankan. I regret the error. Will post pictures of other actual Chinese working in the North in the near future.”

Surprisingly, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, replying to M.A Sumanthiran tweet, says, “Vanakkam Mr. MP China’s GDP per capita 2020 was $10,484 and overseas workers get double or triple paid. Chinese companies always employ mostly local workers, otherwise no profit (e.g., 99% localization in the CICT). Maybe you should worry about some other countries.”

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