Chanakyan MP question’s about the investigation of Chandran vidushan death

TNA parliamentarian Chanakyan has questioned whether fair investigations will be carried out regarding the death of Chandran Vidushan, who died while in police custody in Batticaloa.

The body of 22years old Chandran Vidushan who was arrested by the police on the 2nd in the Iruthayapuram area in Batticaloa has been recovered on the 3rd.

The body was handed over to the family after a post-mortem examination revealed that the deceased’s mother had suspected that her son had been arrested, beaten, and tortured to death.

Meanwhile, TNA MP Ira Chanakyan posted on his Twitter page after visiting his mother and inquiring about the incident.

“I visited the parents of the family of the boy who died in police custody. His postmortem states the cause of death as injection of 4 packs of Ice. He was beaten, handcuffed, and in custody when he died. Will investigations be carried out to ensure that justice prevails?”

he also tweeted, “Drug addiction is a real problem in the Eastern Province, and though on several occasions I have informed the Police of incidents I came to know of, including about places where drugs were sold, no action was taken,” Rasamanickam alleged.

Chanakya has mentioned that the study on prisons published by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has also given guidelines about how drug-addicted prisoners should be treated.

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