Death of Vijayakanth: Pocket mourning meetings in North and East

As South Indian film star turned politician Vijayakanth was laid to rest with full State honours on Friday in Chennai, pocket memorial gatherings were conducted in many parts of the Northern and Eastern provinces by his fans in Sri Lanka.

The film personality was known as “Black M.G.R” equating him with another film star turned successful politician–M.G. Ramachandran–for his generosity and his charity work in the State, particularly for Tamil refugees who fled to India during the war period.

Vijayakanth, who had been ill in recent years, passed away on Thursday after battling pneumonia. For three decades, he was a successful film star in the South Indian film industry. Later, he founded a political party in 2005 and emerged as the Opposition Leader at the Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

Banners and notices were distributed by his fans and locals at the pocket mourning meetings in rural areas of Sri Lanka’s North and East to remember him and his service during the difficult times.

Speaking at one event in Jaffna near the statue of M.G.R., one individual recalled how Vijayakanth’s office was always open and supportive of refugees going from Sri Lanka. He said his office fed thousands
of individuals every day when they came from far away places to see him.

SL, Sri Lanka

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