Vaccination programme not handled by competent authority: Lanka’s Govt. Medical Officers Forum 

Sri Lanka’s Government Medical Officers Forum President Dr. Rukshan Bellana has raised important questions on the country’s Covid-19 situation and the government’s actions towards the pandemic. 

While addressing the media yesterday, he says the vaccination programme is not handled by the competent authority, which is the Government Epidemiology Unit but its control has gone into some other hands.

He further said that the vaccination programme does not seem successful due to the increasing number of infected patients and the rapidly increasing death rate. 

“If Covid had been under control with the vaccine, we would not have had to face the current situation,” he said. 

“The second dose of certain vaccines had been given after months when it is advised to be given within a designated period to reap the full benefits of one’s immunity.”

President Dr Rukshan Bellana also said the government had imposed a meaningless lockdown. 

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