US donates another vessel to Sri Lanka Navy

Another US-made fast attack boat for the Sri Lankan Navy is on the way, in addition to the two US cutters which are already in service.

This can chase small boats usually used by terrorists or smugglers at sea, and go into shallower waters, unlike bigger ships.

This message was conveyed to Sri Lanka by Victoria Nuland, the US Under Secretary for Political Affairs, where she was here this week to take part in the fourth session of the United States-Sri Lanka partnership dialogue.

She also said the new gift is a part of ongoing cooperation with Sri Lanka for the country’s maritime and aviation security.

Meanwhile, New Delhi has agreed to grant one DO-228 Dornier Reconnaissance Aircraft for free. It will loan an active Dornier (INDO) from the Indian naval fleet for search-and-rescue operations in the interim. But full deal is contingent on Sri Lanka then buying a third Donier through an Indian credit line.


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