Uniformed Chinese individuals involved in irrigation tank cleaning in Southern Sri Lanka

The involvement of uniformed Chinese individuals during the launch of a Chinese Joint Venture (JV) to dredge and clean some of Sri Lanka’s most ancient irrigation tanks on June 21st has raised serious concern, the Sri Lankan media News 1st reported. 

The reports say that the uniforms resemble the uniforms worn by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers. 

This issue has been reported while the world countries have expressed their concern about China’s growing influence in Sri Lanka. 

“Attempts made to adopt the MCC or Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement, which would permit US military boots on Sri Lankan soil, were shot down due to serious public outcry over the recent years. However, over in the south of Sri Lanka, uniformed foreigners are seen roaming at a civil operation which is to dredge and clean the ‘Tissamaharama Wewa’, said to have been constructed in the 3rd Century BC by a Sri Lankan King,” the News 1st report said. 

“In an extremely strange agreement, the company is not charging the government for the extensive ‘clean-up’ work that includes the installation of specialized machinery but will instead pay for the dredged sediment which it will, in turn, sell,” the report further explained. 

A group involved in the cleaning process has blocked the News 1st reporter to record the video of that site. 

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