Trincomalee: Sri Lanka Port Authority attempts to grab the land of Tamil village

Sri Lanka Ports Authority has been attempting to grab the lands of Muthu Nagar village, which falls under Town and Gravtes Divisional Secretariat in the Trincomalee district.

Since 1962, people have been living in the village, but they were displaced due to Sri Lankan military atrocities in the 1990s. Later, in 2006, the people resettled in the Muthu Nagar village, and 184 families live now.

The village’s agricultural lands are approximately about 300 acres, and the settlement land is around 200 acres. For many years, the Sri Lanka Port Authority has been attempting to grab those lands.

The Port Authority has placed a notice board in the occupied lands and warned that entry into the lands is prohibited.

Recently, while the residents of this area clearing the area for the cultivation purpose, the police has filed a case under the charges of cutting down forest trees and arrested them.

Apart from this, the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife has forcefully occupied about 75 acres of land situated in front of Muthu Nagar Village Main Street.

Residents of the village alleged that appropriate authorities had not solved their land issues, and Sri Lankan Port Authority often visits the village and continuously threatening them.

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