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Trincomalee MP Imran Maharoof urges to include ‘Tamil’ language on Eastern Province website

Trincomalee District Member of Parliament Imran Maharoof has urged the Sri Lankan Eastern Province Governor Anuradha Yahampath to ensure the availability of information in the ‘Tamil’ language on the Eastern Province official website. 

In a letter to the Governor, he says that the Eastern province has 75 per cent of Tamil speaking population. But most of the information updated on the province website is published in the Sinhala language. Particularly the informations’ related to you (Governor) are entirely updating in Sinhala only. 

He further pointed out the Tamil speaking people are unable to read those pieces of information. 

“Sri Lankan constitution has officially recognized the Tamil language. During the term of former governors, we were satisified on the presence of information on Tamil. But, I am worried about the boycotting of Tamil language at your term,” MP Imran Maharoof said. 

The Quest has examined the operational nature of the province website https://www.ep.gov.lk/ to know ‘whether the Tamil language is neglected?’

Yes, it’s true. In the last six months, we have not seen any information in the Tamil language. Meanwhile, the informations are published in the Sinhala language. 


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