TNA MP seeks economic weapon from Tamil Nadu

The Tamil National Alliance’s Batticaloa District Parliamentarian Shanakiyan Rasamanickam was one of the guests invited to the two-day World Tamil Diaspora Day event organised by the Tamil Nadu State government in Chennai this week.

Some 58 guests of Tamil origin from various countries took part in the event. In parallel to the event, the state government held a major investment forum titled “Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet”, which attracted USD 6 billion in investments.

During his speech, Mr. Rasamanickam requested a ‘weapon’—not in the sense of meaning as Indian intelligence agencies funded, armed, and trained Tamil militant gangs in the 1980s but on the lines of “economic support and collaboration” to develop the former war-torn areas.

The MP also recalled how those days’ militant groups used to land in Tamil Nadu for arms, regrouping, and political support, using the foreign land as a base before returning home to launch an attack.

Sunday Times

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