Those associated with genocide have held high positions – Fr. Sakthivel

Those associated with genocide have held high positions. Fr. M Sakthivel, co-ordinator of the National Organization for the Release of Political Prisoners, said that the person who incensed the attack on Muslims for making racist remarks had been appointed as the head of the Presidential Secretariat.

There is no alternative to the recent attack on Priyantha Kumara in Pakistan and the subsequent killing of him as a heinous act of terrorism hated by civilized society. Even if those involved are arrested, justice will not be served unless such a person transforms and lives in the community. Religious leaders, lawyers and civil society have been paying tribute to Priyantha Kumara’s assassination.

The Sri Lankan rulers have also announced a compensation of 2.5 million rupees to the family of Priyantha Kumara for their duty.

An army officer involved in the Mirusivil massacre in Sri Lanka has been released under a presidential amnesty. The naval commander who was responsible for the disappearances of youths in Colombo and other areas has been acquitted and re-appointed.

Those associated with genocide have held high positions. He has also been appointed head of the Presidential Secretariat, the only law in the country to incite racism against Muslims.

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