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The Ukraine Crisis is a lesson to Sri Lanka – Mano Ganesan

US and its European allies will announce sanctions and provide large Grant to Ukraine but they will not go to war with Russia for Ukraine even as the last effort.

But Russia will go to war if all other efforts fail. Because it’s connected to Russia’s national security.

Ukraine president Zelensky should hv realized this beforehand. Instead he has taken his citizens also towards this false belief. Now look, he is crying in frustration in his statement.

President Zelensky says ‘he calls for clear and effective actions of support from Ukraine’s international allies. It is very important to see now who our real friend and partner is, and who will continue to scare the Russian Federation with words only,”

This shows how frustrated he is.

The main cause for Russian anger is, that this president Zelensky took Ukraine too much towards EU and NATO. He identified more with EU than Russia.

Though most former Soviet countries hv joined NATO, Ukraine is the biggest nation and crucial where former Soviet Union Russia had some of its nuclear and fighter flight (Udayanga fame..!) manufacturing units. So president Putin is angry.

It is natural for a big power to worry about the behaviour of its small neighbor. Though sovereign countries, the small nations shouldn’t antagonize big neighbors.

It’s like back home, Sri Lanka and India.

So now under no circumstances US will send combat troops into Russia or even Ukraine. President Putin has found a easy way out by recognising two Ukrainian regions as independent states and gone into as peacekeeping forces.

Instead of all these drama, president Zelensky should hv kept himself out of NATO tantrums and still remained as an independent country.

Even during the terrible cold war, Finland practiced a policy of neutrality.

In 1960s Cuban missiles crisis that made US angry and took the world almost to war.

It’s because what’s Ukraine is to Russia was Cuba to US. And in our case Sri Lanka to India.


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