The Port City affair is a backdoor diplomacy: Sridharan, MP

Tamil Nation Alliance parliamentarian Siridharan says the Sri Lankan government is falling into China’s debt colonialism.

In the debate on the port city bill, he said, What currency is going to be used on this Port City island being created? Sri Lankan currency? Is it the US currency? Or the Chinese currency?

Which police force will be on duty on the island? The police of Sri Lanka? Or China’s police? The government must answer the people.
The island has been created by the Port City project in Sri Lanka as the 7th of 7 islands created by China. Sand has also been extracted from Eravur, Batticaloa to cover the sea to form the island. In the making of this port city Island, many parts of Sri Lanka have become a pit.

Another MP of TNA Gajendran said, When LTTE proposed the idea of an autonomous state, you rejected it. You do not accept even an interim arrangement. But, you have chosen genocide to prevent the Tamil people from gaining autonomy. But today you have no hesitation in creating such a unit for China.

Member of Parliament Selvam told,  If those who want to give power to China had given it to the Tamils, blood would have not flown like a river in this country and wealth would have prevailed.

TNA parliamentarian Ira Chanakyan has accused that, If Tamils ​speak for devolving powers to provincial councils they are named as LTTE. If a Muslim speaks about it, he is branded as fundamentalists. But if China asks for an Island inside the country Sri Lanka government is providing it.

Tamil Progressive Alliance MP, Mano Ganesan said, Tamils ​​do not need to be altruistic about the Port City Bill.

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