The letter to the Indian Prime Minister finalised – Surendran

The letter to the Prime Minister of India has been finalized and may be signed on the 29th, Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) spokesperson Suren Surendran said.

The letter prepared by the party leaders of the Tamil and Muslim parties to be sent to the Prime Minister of India has been finalised. Arrangements are being made for the leaders to sign on December 29 in Colombo.

On the 21st, party leaders of the Tamil-Muslim people gathered at the Global Tower Hotel in Colombo for the purpose of finalising the final draft of the demands to be sent to the Prime Minister of India.

The draft submitted by the TNA who attended the meeting was also considered. As no major differences were found between the two drafts, it was agreed to include the contents of the draft submitted by the TNA.

The leaders finalised the draft of the letter together in a discussion that evening. The revised draft with the items agreed upon was submitted to me by the leaders the next day.

All leaders are committed to achieving this goal on Tuesday (21) and to work together with dedication and resilience in the face of the massive political threats facing the Tamil-speaking people. ”


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