The burning ship is likely to affect the fisheries sector: Prof. Navaratnaraja

The fire spread to the MV Express Pearl, anchored 9.5 nautical miles northwest of the Colombo harbor, and is likely to affect the fisheries sector.

Damages caused by materials mixed into the sea from the ship cannot be assessed in a short period of time. Therefore, the public should completely avoid touching objects floating in the sea, said Prof. Navaratnaraja, President of the National Institute of Aquatic Research and Development.

He also said,

“As it was said that there is a danger that cargo ship can explode anytime, he responded to the queries about the damage caused to the marine life and fisheries by it.  He said The wreckage of the burning vessel and the exploding containers have washed ashore in the waters off Colombo 9.5 km in the northwestern part of the Colombo harbor.

We have carried out experiments based on the evidence available so far on the dangers posed by the mixing of fuels left in the ship and the dangers of consuming seafood. Large quantities of products have been washed ashore in the waters off the Negombo area due to the plastic raw materials released from the ship. Study activities are being carried out based on these raw materials.

Fish feed on these plastic products and they may die. Surveillance activities are being carried out to determine whether the fish are dead or floating in the sea. Therefore, in the current situation, it is not possible to assess the impact on the oceans and marine life. However, the potential damage to the fisheries sector is high.”

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