Tamils and Muslims seek India to put pressure on Sri Lanka to implement 13th Amendment

Tamil and Muslim parties have reached a consensus on a document seeking India’s entry to put pressure on the government to implement 13th Amendment.

A consensus has been reached between the leaders of the Tamil and Muslim parties in a meeting of these parties representing the North, East and the upcountry at the Global Tower Hotel in Wellawatta, Colombo yesterday (21) to send a letter to the Prime Minister of India requesting a unanimous request from India for a meaningful devolution of power to the Tamil-speaking people from the Sri Lankan government.

Preliminary agreement has been reached regarding the relevant document format.

In particular, the leaders of the Tamil and Muslim Political Parties had jointly urged India to intervene to empower the Tamil-speaking people within the current monarchy until a permanent political solution is found for the Tamil people.

They also said that all Tamil and Muslim had decided to sign and hand over to India a document requesting India’s entry to put pressure on the Sri Lankan government to fully implement the 13th Amendment.

It was historical event that the leaders or representatives of all the invited Tamil and Muslim parties participated in the meeting.

Raghavan was attended on behalf of the PLOTE. Rishad Bathiudeen, President of ACMC had sent Ameer Ali on their behalf, while C.V Vigneswaran (MP, TMK), Palani Thigambaram (MP, NWF), Mano Ganesan (MP, TPF), Mavai Senathiraja (Leader, ITAK), Adaikalanathan (MP, TELO), Suresh Premachandran (EPRLF), Rauf Hakeem (MP, SLMC) and Nizam Kariyapper on behalf of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress also participated. The meeting was chaired by TNA President R. Sampanthan.

While one copy was submitted by the TNA, the parties agreed to include in this document the document requesting India’s input to put pressure on the government to implement the 13th Amendment.

Representatives of the parties concerned were involved throughout the evening in preparing a new copy of the two documents together on that basis.

Mano Ganesan, Nizam Kariyapper, Selvam Adikalanath, N. Srikantha, Kurusami Surendran, Suresh Premachandran, Mavai, Jana, Sumanthiran were involved in this session.

Preliminary agreement for duplication was reached by 6 p.m. A new copy of the document format was prepared, combining the eight issues identified as burning issues of the Tamil people, as well as the aspects agreed upon in yesterday’s meeting.

TELO media spokesperson Kuruswamy Surendran said that he would send it to all parties.

After examining and agreeing to them, it will be made public and the document requesting India’s entry into the meeting will be finalised, signed by all Tamil and Muslim parties and handed over to the Indian Embassy, ​​said Selvam Adikalanathn, the leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Movement and Member of parliamentarian.

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