Tamil civilians question the duplicity of their politicians

The duplicity of Tamil nationalistic politicos became evident in recent times due to their conduct in competing with other parties to take credit; be it organising a collective commemoration of war dead or using the problematic legacy of the Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Weeks ago, a dramatic public skirmish between various political parties erupted when commemorating one time LTTE commander Thileepan at Nallur in Jaffna. This happened when hundreds gathered to remember the cadre who passed away during a fast-unto-death campaign in 1987.

The latest is another commemorative ceremony held last Wednesday remembering 52 civilians who were reportedly massacred by Indian Peacekeeping Forces (IPKF) in 1987 at Pirambadi in Kokkuvil. Relatives of the victims and locals got together and marked the event at a memorial erected at the same spot where Indian soldiers opened fire at unarmed civilians.

Strangely, there were no Tamil politicians to be seen at the ceremony and the event was held without any drama. One of the victim’s relatives was heard saying: “If these guys are not turning up for this event for the sole purpose of not angering India, then how can we trust they will work for our benefit and present our case outside?”

The Sunday Times.

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