Struggling for justice, not for funds: Families of the Disappeared

As the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council commenced in Geneva, Mannar district coordinator of Association for Relatives of the Enforced Disappearances, Manuel Uthayachandra, has requested the international community to deliver justice for the families of the disappeared. 

While addressing the press yesterday, Manuel Uthayachandra says, “Today we are protesting in the streets to get back our children who have been handed over to the Government of Sri Lanka.”

“The 48th session of UN Human Rights Council is happening now in Geneva. At this time, we request the international community to deliver justice for us.”

“A solution is needed for our disappeared relatives. Parents have been protesting on the streets for about 1,500 days to find their missing children. Not only the Geneva, entire world knows that we are protesting to get back our children. We are struggling for justice, not for funds,” she added.

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