Sri Lanka’s protestors form political movement to prepare young leaders

Sri Lanka’s anti-government Aragalaya protestors have formed a discussion group to prepare young leaders for the local government election with the aim to train them to take the country forward.

A new movement of the Aragalaya- “Aragalaya XCore” was launched on December 12 with the aim to nurture potential youth leaders in the country who will seek public office.

“It’s not a political party but, it’s a movement to bring the potential candidates out,” said Nipun Tharaka, a convenor of Aragalaya XCore.

“We hope to have our representatives’ ready by the local government election.”

Sri Lanka’s Aragalaya protestors were behind a public movement s that led to the ouster of ex-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“We don’t want more political parties, just more corruption under one umbrella is not what we want,” Tharaka said.

“We want the action plan to show us its action.”

Sri Lanka’s current President Ranil Wickremesinghe is running a stabilization program after the country’s macro-economist printed money for two years for ‘stimulus’ leading to the worst currency collapse in the history of the country’s intermediate regime central bank.


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