Sri Lanka’s ancestral inhabitants are Tamils! There are evidence of Sinhalese scholars – Professor Pusparatnam

Tamils are the ancestral inhabitants of Sri Lanka and Tamil language is Sri Lanka’s mythical language Jaffna. Charest Professor Pusparatnam, Head of History, Archaeology and Archaeological Worker of Central Cultural Center for Preservation of Sri Lanka’s Heritage Symbols, said.

He said in an interview to a magazine that this was mentioned by Sinhala scholars with evidence.

Full form of interview to come,

  1. What is your opinion regarding the archaeological executive created for the Eastern Province?

The beginning of the Britani’s rule in Sri Lanka, an archaeological department is operating.

The beginning of the period belongs to its servant’s responsibility to preserve an archaeological evidence or legacy. Under his management there will be assistants and excavators.

So there are assistants responsible for inscription, currency, publications etc.

There is also a separate police unit to monitor archaeological symbols from one place to another or damage it.

But a separate archaeological operation has been created for the Eastern province and no information has been properly reported to me.

What are they going to do? Where are they going to do? What legacy symbols are they going to protect? There is no explanation for that. It can only be said when it is started and implemented.

Only then do we know they are going to protect the archaeological legacy of a society? Or are they going to preserve the legacy of all the peoples of East Sri Lanka? That.

But it is said that the heritage of all communities of East Sri Lanka will be preserved by a few Sinhalese of the respective secretary. We have to see what its reality is.

  1. How to see the Tamil people not included in the Eastern Secretary?

Looks like a surprise to me too. Tamil researchers and scholars work as Sinhalese archaeologists and scholars in the Archaeology Department of Sri Lanka.

Tamil students have also come out as graduates in Archaeological based graduates in South Sri Lanka.

South Sri Lankan Universities connect Tamil graduates for higher studies.

In this situation, the reasons for not joining the Eastern Secretary are not known. I think it will come to know over time.

  1. “There are no expert Tamil representatives who can be included in the Eastern Secretary. Minister Douglas Devananda is referring to? What is your opinion about this?

I have not seen Minister Douglas Devananda saying that there is no one so expert. But I saw a message he said he was looking for someone to add to the app.

To me Terms of Reference is very important when starting a procession. So what legacy symbols are going to protect or document? How is it going to be restored? Things like this should be made publicly clear.

Many places in Sri Lanka with a mythical culture before Buddhism or Buddhist culture have been identified as existence in East Sri Lanka.

Will they count them all? Or will only count certain legacy symbols? Don’t know anything In such a situation, it does not seem so appropriate to join Tamils in it.

Similarly, due to the clarity like its creation, background, experts may hesitate to participate. I think the minister knows that.

If someone says that there are no such Tamil experts, it is a very wrong statement. Experts may not be interested in participating in this situation. It depends on one’s own welfare and respect.

  1. Parliament member C said that Tamilians are the ancient people of Sri Lanka. V. Vigneswaran’s specificity has caused controversy. What is your stand on that? Or what can be considered as historical archaeological evidence that Tamilians are the ancestors of Sri Lanka?

Did Tamils come first in Sri Lanka? Did the Sinhalese come? This issue has been there for a long time.

This is a debate based on Bali and Tamil literature.

But archaeological, humanology, historical, linguistics are all Tamil and Sinhalese people united based on ethnicity and culture.

The opinion of Vigneshwaran sir is not a new thing. Because before him many South Sri Lankan Sinhalese scholars have said that “Tamils are native inhabitants of Sri Lanka” and “Tamil language is mythical language”.

Professor Ghanathilaga mentioned about the excavation of Tamils “If dig deeper it will be in favor of Tamils and if dig wide it will be in favour of Buddhist Sinhalese.

Like that senior archaeologist Senaka Bandaranayaka “Vijayan era had a rich civilization before.

There is no anatomical differences between Sri Lankan people, only cultural differences. Those cultural differences should be compared with properties before Vijayan arrival. He says as “.

Professor Sattamangala Karunaratna “Tamilnadu’s literature was prosperous in 1962 even before language and letters came to Sri Lanka along with Buddhism. He says as “.

The comment in the background was accepted by Prof. Fernando, Kalanidhi Aryan Abayasingha and scholars who studied the Sinhala alphabets.

More than this, Kalanidhi Vikrabahu Karunarathina himself says that “Tamils are the native citizens of Sri Lanka”.

If so, instead of saying this as a matter of congratulating the Speaker, we could have spoken in parliamentary debates regarding Archaeology, our culture and culture. And by the way he said nothing wrong. That is the real truth.

  1. How is the Tamil nationalism based position of the people of Eastern province now?

Not only in the Eastern province, but also in the Northeast, there has been a huge decline in Tamil Nadu. I’m not very interested in direct politics.

However, considering the election results this time, the influence of Tamil nationalism is very less.

That is because of the weakness of Tamil nationalist speaking parties or their inability to make the promises made in the election.

People are disappointed by this. As people are also facing many economic difficulties and problems, there have been changes in their mental state.

Only political researchers should analyze how much truth is there in this.

There are many fearful conditions in speaking Tamil Nationalism in the Eastern Province. But not in the north. Yet there is a massive slip in the north.

My personal opinion is that ‘there is no sign of preserving our historical symbols among the leaders who lead the Tamil people. No interest or policy declarations about it.

Let’s document and protect it not only during election period but also in normal conditions.

In South Sri Lanka they are very concerned about finding and protecting their heritage symbols. Politicians but ordinary people are also interested in it. Schools, universities, public institutions are leading it.

But not even a single school in Tamil schools, the historical heritage symbols of the respective village are preserved.

Similarly, initiatives have been taken in any other temples other than a temple in Nainatheev. Instead, I am observing that Tamilian heritage symbols are being sold in many places.

There are many shops in South Sri Lanka to sell traditional heritage symbols of Jaffna. He stated that the reason is that awareness regarding this was not created among ordinary people.



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