Sri Lanka’s actions against Hinduism are painful — International Hindu Youth Council

Theft and damage to Hindu temples and statues has increased in recent times, said Shivasri J. Mayurakurukal, President of the International Hindu Youth Council and chief priest of the Vavuniya Athivinayagar Temple.

Theft and damage of statues of Hindu gods has increased in recent times, and if the violence against one religion has escalated into another, those who need to be cultured need to be identified.

The recently stolen statues were found in Jaffna. Information was also released about those who smuggled them. But the statues of the temple which was still to be consecrated in the next two weeks in the Batticaloa District have been damaged which is a painful act among the Hindu people.

None of the Hindus carry out any religious propaganda or act of damaging statues in this way against other religions. Hundreds of temples and temple properties have been destroyed and looted since the Sri Lankan military invasion.

What do the religious reconciliation organizations do when a cult is being vilified or subjected to aggression? Religious organizations must come together to express their protest if they want to prevent religious conflicts from arising when they seek to distort their religious beliefs.

There is no point in being blindfolded by those who need to be tapped so such activities should be stopped immediately and religious people should give good guidance for that,” he added.


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