Sri Lankan war must be investigated: Norwegian MP Kamzy Gunaratnam

In a digital press conference with Tamil and Sinhala medias, Norwegian Parliamentarian Kamzy Gunaratnam said that the Sri Lankan war must be investigated. 

“UN has continually requested that the crimes committed during the last days of the war in Sri Lanka to be investigated. The Sri Lankan government has to let an international, independent investigation happen. Because openness and transparency are important keywords in a democracy. But also because it’s important with closure for the reconciliation,” she said in the press conference. 

Kamzy Gunaratnam further says, “we should continue our partnership with Sri Lanka from Norway. I don’t believe in boycott as a method. What the details should be in our future partnership, I believe the future foreign ministry and the new foreign minister will have a great plan for.”

Kamzy Gunaratnam (33), a Norwegian of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, has recently been elected to the Parliament of Norway.

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