Sri Lankan OMP trying to make false evidences – Tamils warn International community

Relatives of missing persons in Mullaitivu district have protested against the activities of the Sri Lankan Office of missing persons (OMP) office.

Mullaitivu District Relatives of the Disappeared Association President Mariyasuresh Eswari speaking at a media briefing held at the Mullaitivu Media Center.

Today is the 1718th day we have been engaged in a series of awareness protest. We organized this press conference to convey an urgent message to the relatives of the disappeared and to the international community.

The Office of Missing Persons has been sending letters to the missing person’s relatives asking them to provide more information and  have said that they have not accepted previous complaints received regarding the missing persons,  Letters are being received in this regard in the Mullaitivu district.

We have not registered any information in this OMP office. They keep a false information and seek to get information from the people and do the preliminary work to provide us with death certificate compensation.

People should be very concerned about this. We, the missing relatives, did not make these complaints. We are careful in this and we have told the OMP office many times. We do not need this office.

That you do not make any records. However they are requesting all the information including the missing person’s photo, identity card and birth certificate. But we are not going to give up. So we can honestly say that we do not need this OMP office.

The president has already said he is ready to issue death certificates to the missing. In this case, the OMP office seeks to obtain information from the victim and issue a death certificate. This must stop immediately.



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