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Sri Lankan military destroys war memorial in the North

The main flame retardant of the Adakkottiveli war memorial in the Mannar-Manthai West Divisional Secretariat has been completely demolished.

The organizing committee of war memorial has condemned it as a heinous act of state terrorism. VS Sivakaran, the organizer of the war memorial Organizing Committee and the leader of the Tamil National Right to Life Movement said,

It is obvious who could have broken in when there was an army near the war memorial entrance. They have been inhumanely dismantling and damaging this public-spaced lighthouse for many years.

After receiving the information on Thursday (18) evening yesterday, the Treasurer and I of the Organizing Committee and the Chairman of the Mannar City Council Anrani Davirson visited, so the state can achieve eroticism by destroying the lighthouse thus.

Those involved in this heinous act must understand that the government cannot sabotage the sacrifices or ideals of our freedom fighters, which are burning daily in the minds of the Tamil people. He added that the incident has caused great distress among the parents of the heroes.


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