Sri Lankan communists demand answers over CIA chief’s secret visit


Sri Lankan communists have demanded clarity over whether the head of the CIA made a secret visit to the country last month — and if so what was discussed.

Communist Party of Sri Lanka general secretary Dr G Weerasinghe said a US delegation arrived in a special aircraft on February 14 and were not subject to immigration controls or required to show passports.

“In essence, there are no records of some people who came in,” he said.

It was later reported by Indian newspapers that CIA director William Burns was denied entry to Nepal, having travelled from Sri Lanka.

The Indian Express said that the Nepalese authorities had told the US embassy that given an impending presidential election it would not be appropriate for the spymaster to enter the country.

Dr Weerasinghe said it was unacceptable that Mr Burns had apparently visited Sri Lanka without it being made public. The government should reveal who he had met and why, he said.

Morning Star.

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