Sri Lanka will be safe if India is safe – Gopal

The Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Gopal Baglay says that India has never responded to a crisis or supported a country in crisis with the swiftness and strength that it did during the unprecedented crisis in Sri Lanka.

Joining the “At Hydepark” current affairs programme on Ada Derana 24, the outgoing Indian diplomat in Colombo also discussed the vision for the advancement in bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and India, with the anticipated economic growth of India.

“India played the role bilaterally, as well as internationally to support Sri Lanka. The leadership of India is very clear and committed to a strong India – Sri Lanka relationship”, said the Indian Diplomat.

In response to a question regarding the India’s concerns on the visit of Chinese vessels to Colombo, Gopal Baglay pointed out that both India and Sri Lanka are located in the Indian Ocean, adding that assuring the freedom of navigation is a shared responsibility of India and Sri Lanka. He further expressed that the maritime challenges which arise must be addressed together.

“There can be prosperity and peace, when there is security and stability. Ensuring the security of the region in which we both are situated is a shared responsibility. In that sense I would say that the security of India and the region is mutual and indivisible”.

Commenting on the matter, Baglay also stressed that the security of Sri Lanka would be secured if India is secured. “When India is secured Sri Lanka is secured, and when Sri Lanka is secured, India is secured”, he added.

Expressing his views on the India’s vision of positioning itself in future, High Commissioner Baglay pointed out that India is currently the fifth largest economy of the world, highlighting that soon it will be within the top three.

“India is the most populated country and the largest democracy of the world. In 2047, India aims to achieve an economy of USD 30 trillion.”

The Indian envoy assured that Sri Lanka will be a key beneficiary of its prosperity as India’s leadership is committed to a stronger bond with Sri Lanka.

“We would like the region to grow together, because it is our fundamental belief that prosperity of the region is in the best interest of India. What is good for Sri Lanka is good for India.”

“We consider the world is our family and in that family, neighbourhood is the first”, he mentioned.


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