Sri Lanka should decide if it wants to collaborate with the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom

The Ambassador of Russia, Levan Dzhagaryan says it is up to the Sri Lankan government to decide if it wants to collaborate with the Russian state-owned nuclear giant Rosatom.

Responding to a question raised during a media briefing on Thursday (Dec.21), the envoy spoke of the current status of the bilateral talks on nuclear power cooperation between Sri Lanka and Russia.

Ambassador Dzhagaryan mooted the establishment of a 110-megawatt small nuclear power plant, either floating or land-based, in Sri Lanka.

He said Sri Lanka needs alternative sources of power, and to stop relying heavily on coal and renewable energy which is susceptible to climate change.

Speaking further, Ambassador Dzhagaryan emphasized Russia’s fruitful nuclear cooperation with Sri Lanka’s neighbouring countries, such as Bangladesh, India and Myanmar as well as Turkiye and Iran.

When asked about the status of the talks on the joint venture on Mattala International Airport, Ambassador Dzhagaryan mentioned that their proposal is “still under consideration”.

He also highlighted the increasing number of Russians visiting the island nation as a key factor for his country’s interest in the Mattala Airport, and said at least 200,000 Russian tourists are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka by February 2024.


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