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Sri Lanka seeks support of Southern African Countries at UNHRC

Sri Lankan envoy to South Africa, Siresena Amarasekara held several meetings with government officials of South Africa and diplomats of countries to get support on the upcoming the United Nations Human Rights council meeting.

He met High Commissioner of Namibia, Veiccoh K Nghiwete, Ambassador of Zimbabwe, D.D. Hamadziripi, High Commissioner of Malawi, Stella C. Hauya Ndau and Charge de Affair of Switzerland in South Africa, Veronique Haller, in this regard, the Sri Lanka High Commission said.

At these meetings, High Commissioner Amarasekara emphasized the importance of a domestic mechanism to resolve internal conflicts within the domestic socio-political environment, rather than an imposed mechanism by external parties.

He stated that the involvement of the external parties further complicates ethnic issues, rather than resolving them. The government of Sri Lanka has the authority, wish, and capacity to resolve it. But due to unwarranted external involvements, the government that resolves the problem has become the accused and is prevented from performing its task.

He further referred to Lord Naseby’s book and various articles written by him on the ethnic issue of Sri Lanka, revealing factually correct and impartial analysis. High Commissioner Amarasekara requested impartial African nations to encourage those parties who have been misled by biased information, to revisit the resolution against Sri Lanka with an open mind.  


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