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Sri Lanka ranked as a world most corrupted country

Sri Lanka has been ranked as a corrupted country as per the International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) of Transparency International report.

It has downed to 104 in 2021 from its 2020 position of 94, the CPI scores 180 countries and territories around the world based on perceptions of Public Sector corruption.

Sri Lanka remains in the lower half of the 180 countries that were considered in the survey.  Sri Lanka is ranked 104th among 180 nations with a score of 37/100.

The CPI is calculated using data from 13 external sources, including the World Bank, World Economic Forum, private risk and consulting companies, think tanks and others.

Types of public sector corruption captured in the CPI encompass bribery, diversion of public funds, effective prosecution of corruption cases, adequate legal frameworks, access to information, and legal protections for whistle-blowers, journalists and investigators.

Transparency International notes that the global COVID-19 pandemic has been used in many countries as an excuse to curtail basic freedoms and sidestep important checks and balances. It adds that despite the increasing international momentum to end the abuse of anonymous shell companies, many high-scoring countries with relatively “clean” public sectors continue to enable transnational corruption.

The top countries on the Index are Denmark (88), Finland (88) and New Zealand (88) while Somalia (13), Syria (13) and South Sudan (11) remain at the bottom of the CPI.


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