Sri Lanka is ruled by ignorant racist idiots: Mano Ganesan

Member of Parliament Mano Ganesan has said that the reason for the downfall of our country which was at the forefront is that the country is in the hands of ignorant racist idiots.

He said on his Twitter page,

“In this country, we non-Sinhala-Buddhists cannot become President, Prime Minister, or Minister of Home Affairs. This is your unwritten law. Put aside racial, religious, linguistic, and minority differences for ten years and give the country to us. We return to the leading country of South Asia for the eleventh year.

You even refused to give the post of Prime Minister to your friend Lakshman Kadirgamar. Only the JVP said he wanted to be prime minister.

Sri Lanka is not a poor country without natural resources. What’s not in this country? the bitter truth is that the rulers of this country lack honesty, foresight, commitment, political will, and courage. In particular, the majority of politicians who consider themselves the sole owner of this country do not have leadership qualities.

In the past, Tamil and Muslim political leaders have made great contributions to the independence and development of our country. It was a golden age. Now you mistakenly think from a racist point of view that this country, the island of Sri Lanka, belongs only to you. This intention is present in both the ruling party and the opposition. I have seen and experienced this. Today this country is a failing country. we should think about the reason for it. During the independence of the 1950s, the country’s foreign exchange reserves were higher next to those of Japan.

We were a country that could lend. Where are we today? The reason for all this is that the country was in the hands of ignorant racist idiots. Leave South Asia. Take advanced Southeast Asia.

We are far ahead of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and Vietnam in terms of infant mortality, educational development, life expectancy, and gross domestic product (GDP). Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of Singapore, whom I respect, and Mahathir Mohamad, the founder of Malaysia, publicly stated on that day that their goal was to capture Sri Lanka’s place. Where are they today? Where are we?

Now, look at South Asia. India is a big country. We cannot compare ourselves with that. But even Bangladesh, born in 1972, is now overtaking us as a secular country. Did you know this?

He has mentioned that God can no longer save this country if the fools do not understand this too.

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