Sri Lanka continues to ignore UNHRC resolution

Batticaloa Municipal Councilor Thuraisingam Madan has stated that a police investigation is being carried out against those who paid homage at the Batticaloa Shathurukkondan massacre memorial on 09-09-2021.

Batticaloa Municipal Councilor Thuraisingham Madan has stated that a Sri Lankan police investigation is underway against those who paid homage at the massacre memorial that day.

He said that Batticaloa Municipal Council members T. Gauri and Thuraisingam Madan were called to the Batticaloa Sri Lankan police HQ yesterday (3) evening and investigations were carried out.

Madan said he had been informed about the purpose for which he had attended the tribute event and that investigations were being carried out on the instructions of the police chief.

He further added that the legal status of the country was being called into question by the fact that no action had been taken in connection with the assassination of Shathurukkondan, Batticaloa.

Meantime the United nation human right council resolution 46/1 expresses serious concern at the trends emerging over the past year, which represent a clear early warning sign of a deteriorating situation of human rights in Sri Lanka, including the accelerating militarization of civilian government functions; the erosion of the independence of the judiciary and key institutions responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights; ongoing impunity and political obstruction of accountability for crimes and human rights violations in “emblematic cases”; policies that adversely affect the right to freedom of religion or belief; increased marginalization of Tamil and Muslim minorities, surveillance and intimidation of civil society, restrictions on media freedom, and shrinking democratic space; restrictions on public memorialization of victims of war including the destruction of a memorial; arbitrary detentions; alleged torture and other cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment, and sexual and gender-based violence, ; and that these trends threaten to reverse the limited but important gains made in recent years, and risk the recurrence of policies and practices that gave rise to the grave violations of the past.

But the Sri Lankan government continues to ignore UNHRC resolution and supress Tamils fundamental rights which is fully enjoyed by Sinhalese population.

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