Sri Lanka caught in India, China twitter battle

India’s High Commission in Sri Lanka has responded strongly to earlier remarks by China’s ambassador in Colombo in the wake of a controversial visit by Chinese ship Yuan Wang 5 to the island.

“We have noted the remarks of the Chinese Ambassador,” the Indian High Commission said in a message.

“His violation of basic diplomatic etiquette may be a personal trait or reflecting a larger national attitude.”

“His view of #SriLanka’s northern neighbour may be coloured by how his own country behaves. #India, we assure him,is very different.

“His imputing a geopolitical context to the visit of a purported scientific research vessel is a giveaway 🇱🇰.”

The Chinese ambassador made references to alleged Indian concerns in delaying the arrival of a Chinese research vessel described as a spy ship.

“Meanwhile, in the middle of this month, with China and Sri Lanka having altogether resisted the rude and unreasonable interference from third parties, the Chinese scientific research vessel “Yuan Wang 5” has successfully docked at the Hambantota Port for replenishment after receiving the latest approval from the Sri Lankan government,” China’s ambassador said.

“Those two matters may seem irrelevant and thousands of miles apart, but both share a same great significance between China and Sri Lanka, that is to jointly safeguard each other’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

“The two matters, both the process and results, have also fully shown a fine tradition in our bilateral relations, that is since the diplomatic ties was established 65 years ago, China and Sri Lanka have always been mutually understanding, respecting and supporting each other on issues of core interests and major concerns.”


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