Sri Lanka: Angry Buddhist monk assaults nurse while taking PCR test

Around the world, people placed the Buddha statues in the home as the symbol of peace. We think the Buddhist monks are the spiritual leaders who spread love and compassion, but in Sri Lanka, the monks (Bhikkus) approach the common people in a highly authoritative manner.

The below incident is a perfect example to show the attitude of Buddhist monks in the Sri Lankan community.

A monk infuriated by a painful PCR test has assaulted the nurse who administered the test at the Anamaduwa Base Hospital, the police said.

The angry monk had hit the nurse on her head with a glass plate and the nurse had fallen to the ground. The victim has been admitted to the Anamaduwa Base Hospital with severe head injuries, Colombo page reported.

Sri Lankan Police say that the monk involved in the incident has been arrested.

According to the police the monk attached to the Anamaduwa Kumaragama Temple, who was admitted to the Anamaduwa Base Hospital due to a fever and a respiratory ailment, has been subjected to a PCR test at the hospital.

During the procedure the monk claiming that he was in pain had assaulted the nurse with a glass plate that was nearby shattering the plate into pieces and the nurse had screamed and fallen to the ground.

The hospital staff then rushed and referred the victim to the hospital’s primary care unit for treatment. At the same time, the monk involved in the incident has been arrested by the hospital staff and handed over to the police.

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