Sivaram an irreplaceable Journalist – P.Ariyanethiran

16th Anniversary of Senior Journalist, Social Activist, and Writer Sivaram who was kidnapped in a white van and murdered was commemorated in Batticaloa.
Sivaram the Senior journalist was also known as Taraki Sivaram. He was kidnapped by white van murderers on 28th April 2005 and his body was found on the next day near the parliament of Sri Lanka.

The tribute event was organized by the Batticaloa District Tamil Journalist Association and Batti Press Club. While speaking in the event, Senior Journalist and Member of Parliament P.Ariyanethiran said, During the war in both north and east there two separate regions administrated by both LTTE and Sri Lankan Government. Sivaram was a brave journalist who wrote about the injustice done to Tamil people in those hard times.

His writings were not only in Tamil but also in English. He has written many investigative stories on problems faced by Tamils to many local and international journals.
Sivaram, the journalist who gained fame by constantly writing about the injustice by the Government of Sri Lankan to the people, has also trained many young journalists in Batticaloa.

It was when I am serving as a Member of Parliament, on 28th April 2005 Sivaram was kidnapped in a hotel in Colombo and the next day we saw his murdered body.
There were 45 other journalists killed like Sivaram in this country. Today we are commemorating the 16th anniversary of Sivaram without getting justice or even inquiry to the journalists who were killed.

Problems of the Tamils in this country are well known to the world. Sivaram has gained fame by making the world know about it. There is no other journalist who has replaced Sivaram’s place by working for the people.


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