Sinhala settlers occupies grazing lands in Batticaloa

Tamil cattle farmers in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka worried that the Sinhala settlers continued their grazing land occupation activities in Mayilathamadu, Mathavani of Batticaloa district.

Eastern Province Governor gave the Tamils’ lands to Sinhala settlers last year for the farming activities. At that time, more than 600 Sinhala families were also settled on the grazing lands.

Following the appeal by Tamil National Alliance’s Member of Parliament and Advocate Sumanthiran in the Colombo court, the advocate who appeared on behalf of the illegal settlers assured that the settlers would leave the occupied lands.

But the Tamil cattle farmers alleged that 30 Sinhala families continued to occupy the grazing lands of Tamils. The relevant authorities failed to take further action to fulfil the promise made in the court.

Due to such occupation, Tamil cattle farmers facing the risk of livelihood, and the cattle have died without proper food.

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