Selvam MP requests Indian and British to provide ‘Test equipment’

Member of Parliament Selvam Adikalanath has requested the Indian and British embassies to provide test equipment for the Vanni District Hospitals.

As stated in the request letter,

In the Vanni district, it is not possible to identify corona-infected people immediately due to a lack of testing facilities.

It takes three or four days for the results to come out as there are only a limited number of tests that can be done to prevent infections. This tragedy is due to the lack of equipment for testing for the infection and the lack of them. This should be rectified immediately.

Therefore, it has been asked to provide equipment to the Vanni District Hospitals to identify the infected and get immediate results without delay. Meanwhile, he has requested Health Minister Pavithra Vanniyarachchi to immediately hand over the test equipment to the Vanni District Hospitals on a privileged basis.

He added in his request that the people of the Vanni could be protected by taking these measures before a dangerous situation arises in the Vanni district.


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