Sathurukondan massacre by Sri Lankan Army: 31 years without justice

Today, we commemorated the 31st anniversary of the Sathurukondan massacre without any justice. We do not even have a chance to pay homage to the Sathurukondan genocide, said Media Secretary of Ilangai Tamil Arasu Katchi and Former Member of Parliament Pakkiyaselvam Ariyanethiran. 

On September 9th 1990, 187 people from Sathurukondan, Panichchaiyady, Kokkuvil, Pillaiyaradi villages of Batticaloa district were taken to an army camp and slaughtered by Sri Lankan soldiers, with the help of Muslim Home Guards. 

Of the 187 killed in the massacre were five children less than a year old, 42 children under 10, 9 pregnant women and 28 adults over 68 years of age. 

“If we do not tell the histories of Eelam liberation to the next generation or do not commemorate these days, our history will be hidden,” Ariyanethiran said.

“In the 30 years, we have seen five regime changes, and Sinhala leaders came to power.But none of them ever gave justice for the Tamil genocide,” he further said. 

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