Protest in Mullaitivu against land grabbing


Protests are being carried out in the villages of Kokkilai to Nayaru in the Karaiduraipatru Divisional Secretariat Division of the Mullaitivu District in connection with the expropriation of about 1000 acres of native lands along the 12 km long coastline in the name of mineral sand mining.

The government is also planning to expropriate plots of land in the border villages of the Tamil population, which are already in question due to Sinhala settlements, military occupation and the Mahaweli L Zone, and the planned occupation by state departments such as the Department of Wildlife, the Department of Resources and the Department of Archeology, in addition to the mineral sand corporation.

The villagers of Kokkilai have started a protest yesterday (12) in front of the Kokkilai school condemning the encroachment of these lands belonging to the Tamils.

Religious leaders, political parties, social activists and the general public have joined the protest with the people of Kokkilai village.

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