President Gotabhaya forgets plantation workers- Mano Ganesan

Mr President, did you think plantation workers receive thirty thousand rupees salary, it means thousand rupees a day? Tamil Progressive Alliance Leader and Parliamentarian Mano Ganesan questioned the Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“The President, who attributes Corona as the reason for the price rising, cannot hide the entire mess of his nineteen-month rule in the name of Corona. Tea exports are the only foreign income to Sri Lanka today and then,” he said in a press meet.

“That is why the President spoke about ‘Ceylon Tea’ in his address to the nation. But he forgot the lives of the workers behind ‘Ceylon Tea’. Does the President think the workers get thirty thousand rupees for 30 days at the rate of Rs 1,000 per day? They get only seven or eight days’ wages,” he further said.

“You left them, hostage, to plantation companies.”

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