Political prisoners must be released on New Year – Rev. Fr. M. Sakthivel

Recovering from the suffering of the families of political prisoners and release political prisoners at least on 2022 for the sake of racial harmony and peace, coordinator of the National Organization for the Release of Political Prisoners, Rev. Fr. M. Sakthivel said.

He was responding to a query from the media regarding the release of political prisoners.

The funeral of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who worked to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa and to bring peace between whites and blacks, as well as political justice for blacks and reconciliation between the two races, takes place on the first day of the New Year.

He should not bury the reconciliation process he left behind internationally. The release of political prisoners would be an honor for him and a sign of hope for the future of the Tamil people, who are seeking political justice, as a sign that the Sri Lankan regime is committed to pursuing it.

The Tamil people are being pushed to the international arena for a political solution,” he added.


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