North needs 4 lakh corona vaccines: Provincial Department of Health Services

The Northern Province Health Services Department has demanded that 4 lakh people in the Northern Province be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The Department of Health Services said the vaccines would be available to northerners within two weeks. Meanwhile, the first dosage of the Azra Geneca vaccine to health frontline workers was loaded at the end of last January. A second vaccine for them is currently being loaded.

Up to 500 people who received the first dosage in the Northern Province did not receive the second dosage. It is learned that the Northern Province Health Services Department has also decided to seek clarification from many of them as they have stated that they do not need the vaccine.

As the Azra Geneca vaccine expires on the upcoming 14th It has to be sent back to Colombo.

Due to this, the Northern Province Health Department has focused on those who have received the first dosage and have not yet received the second dosage.

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