May 18 is not just for remembrance, but it is for planning future: Suba Veerapandian

My best regards to all the Tamil people living all over the world. It has been 12 years since the tragedy of that Mullivaikkal issue. It is a setback for our struggle. At the same time, no liberation struggle in the world has traveled in a straight line. They have had victories and failures along their path.

However, the Eelam Tamil people have a long history of standing on the field for almost thirty years until 2009. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the only freedom movement that had an army, navy, and airforce on its own in the world. Standing on the field for three generations is not so easy. Unfortunately, those people who have lived through so many tragedies and encounters have suffered a setback.

This is not just a tragedy for the Eelam people alone but it is a tragedy for all the Tamils ​​of the world. All these tragedies were put together and etched in the history of Tamils. So this is a stage in the history of Eelam’s struggle. This is a great historical point. From here, our struggle will start and continue. there are many things to learn from this tragedy.

The common denominator is that success can be achieved only by learning from failure. So there is a lot to learn and the silence of the nations of this world is still unbroken. For breaking their silence diaspora Tamils ​​have to carry out their duties.

We should mark this day as a day to unite the Diaspora Tamils, the Eelam Tamils ​​, and the World Tamils to reaffirm their rights. This Mullivaikkal grief is so heavy that it cannot be put into words. Surpassing this grief we are living.

So we all have a responsibility to realize that our struggles have gone through many stages in this period and to decide how to further enrich it and how to refine it in a way that will benefit the people. On this tragic day, we recount the memories once more. Not just for remembrance. This meeting is also to plan for the future.

So on this day all of us in any corner of the world should unite and stand with one mind to plan for the future and rights of our Tamil people. We in Tamil Nadu will always stand hand in hand with you for that.

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