Jaffna drug dealers target school children


Over 300 individuals are in Jaffna Prisons for drug related offenses and according to local prison officials, at least 12 have died in the Jaffna district alone from drug overdose and other drug related sudden illnesses.

The Jaffna Police division’s crime prevention branch has carried out several operations in recent weeks against drug peddlers and dealers who are targeting school children and youths. Addicted youths in the suburbs of the North are also peddling drugs, more than two dozen are hardcore drug users who need urgent medical help. Most drug addicts in the North are street level heroin users, next to methamphetamine and Kerala cannabis.

The prices of drugs have also increased sharply. One milligrams of heroin is sold at Rs 50,000-Rs 60,000, while methamphetamine is around Rs 25,000-Rs 35,000. The wholesale price of Kerala cannabis (1.5 kg) bundle is Rs 450,000 while, a one time use small dose is Rs 750 to Rs 3000 depending on the quantity.

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