Iran hopes to revive political cooperation commission with Sri Lanka

The Iranian energy minister has called for the establishment of a joint economic, political and cultural Cooperation commission between Sri Lanka and Iran.

Emphasizing the revival and development of economic, political and cultural ties between Tehran and Colombo, Iran’s energy minister further pointed out that the two countries have many potentials to strenghthen their bilateral ties in all fields.

He termed establishing a joint economic, political and cultural Cooperation commission for realizing the aforementioned objective “effective and constructive”.

Launch of the commission will help boost trade and economic activities between the two countries optimally, Mehrabian emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he highlighted the capabilities and potentials of Iranian companies in implementing projects in the water and electricity fields.

He also referred to the significance of the multipurpose and giant project of “Uma Oya” being built by expert Iranian manpower in Sri Lanka and added that the progress of this successful project by Iranian engineers is the result of the fruitful experience of cooperation between the two countries.

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