India is losing regional power than quicker expected


Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G. L Peiris and Minister of External Affairs of India S. Jaishankar discussed bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and India on the sidelines of the 5th Indian Ocean Conference in Abu Dhabi, Sri Lankan foreign ministry sources said.

Cooperation in the economic sector, cultural as well as people to people initiatives, and joint initiatives in regional organisations formed the main subject matter of the discussion.

Recently China over turned on its decision to withdraw from the execution of northern power projects.

Earlier, the Chinese Embassy in Colombo tweeted: “Sino Soar Hybrid Technology, being suspended to build Hybrid Energy system in 3 northern islands in Sri Lanka due to ‘security concern’ from a third party. The Chinese firm issued a strongly worded statement objecting to “outrageous interference” by a “third party”, referring to India.

India is losing its reginal power quicker than expected and it has also failed to get support from Tamils, who are dominating the south of India’s regions and global diaspora.

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